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4 Proven Ways to Nurture Your Will-Power to Weight Loss

4 Proven Ways to Nurture Your Will-Power to Weight Loss

Do you wonder how people ever find the will-power to stay away from the fattening foods you love?

Here's a simple plan in four steps that will help you create the persistence and will-power that's needed in order to follow through with the decision to lose weight.

4 Proven Ways to Nurture Your Will-Power to Weight Loss

1. Discover your true purpose for wanting to go on a diet.

Right now, say to yourself "I need to lose weight." Did that statement excite you? Probably not.

To be successful in following through with any major life change, including a healthy new diet, you need help from the powerful control center in your subconscious mind.

So do what it takes to build a strong, positive picture of success that your subconscious mind can get excited about.

Can you truly say you have a burning desire to lose weight? If you can't say that yet, it's a pretty good bet that sooner or later you'll find a piece of chocolate cake on your plate.

Work on this step - nurture it, feed it, build on it -until you feel a compelling desire for change.

2. You need a plan that is reflected in your actions.

"Intending to" or "trying to" do the plan does not count. Most people stop at this step, simply imagining themselves taking steps towards change, but never actually changing anything.

Don't let that be you. Find the weight loss program that meets your needs, and then act as though it matters each time you make a choice of what you eat. It will matter, if you've paid attention to step #1.

When you get up each morning, think about the choices you made the day before, and compare those choices with the plan you've chosen.

Did you make sure that your plan was reflected in your actions?

If not, recommit yourself each morning. If you find that you never follow the plan, it may be time to reconsider the program, and find one that better fits your needs.

3. Do not allow any negative suggestions to come into your mind from your relatives, friends or acquaintances - or yourself.

They don't mean to, but many people who really care about you will offer the opinion that you've chosen the "wrong program" (no matter which program that may be). They will try to get you to change your mind, in the spirit of helpfulness. Or they'll offer you sweets and treats, saying that "you deserve it, just this once." Or they'll tell you that you look just fine, and don't need to diet at all!

Don't allow this kind of loving sabotage destroy your commitment to health.

And remember that your own internal judge may also offer you negative, discouraging thoughts. Gently move these thoughts out of your mind. If you really desire a thinner, healthier body, you'll need to let go of the habit of picking on yourself.

4. Join with a group of people who share your burning desire, and who will help you follow through with your plan.

Look for someone who is already losing weight, and who shows some real excitement about it. She'll love to have your support and encouragement, and her own enthusiasm will be contagious. You can actually gain a lot for your own morale by giving her help when she seems to need it.

But remember, choose your diet buddy wisely.


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