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Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh Diet

 Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh Diet

Rosemary Conley's Complete Hip and Thigh Diet (1983) has been a best-selling diet in the UK for over 20 years. It includes a straightforward low fat, low calorie weight loss diet plan with the addition of an exercise routine.

Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh Diet

What You Eat on The Rosemary Conley's Hip & Thigh Diet

A typical daily calorie allowance of about 1200 calories. Dieters pick from a list of meals and are allowed a large jacket potato or portion of rice or pasta every day. Meals include lean meat, poultry, unlimited vegetables, bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.

How Rosemary Conley's Hip & Thigh Diet Helps Weight Loss

The Hip and Thigh Diet is a sensible low-fat weight loss diet that reduces weight all over the body. If you are female and pear-shaped, this diet is no more likely to reduce the fat on your hips and thighs than any other sensible diet plan.

Weight Loss Diets

Almost all diet programs help us lose weight and teach us something about healthy weight loss. There's no such thing as an ideal weight loss diet. But ideally, follow a balanced diet, set realistic weight loss goals and set aside enough time for aerobic exercise.


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