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 Raw Food Diet Program

There are several diet plans and organizations that advocate a raw-food, plant-based diet as the best way to good health, as well as weight loss and weight maintenance. Proponents of eating a raw diet, or high-percentage-raw diet say that raw foods contain all the enzymes in the original plant which are lost in cooking, and that there are other advantages such as retention of vitamins and removal of 'toxins' from the body. The change in the balance of the type of food you can eat on a predominantly raw diet means that the amount of calories, protein, fat and carb it contains will almost certainly be vastly different from the typical Western diet.

Raw Food Diet Program

Raw Food Diet & Health

A raw-food diet will be very low in saturated fat and may have enough of the beneficial essential fats. There may be adequate protein (if enough pulses, nuts, seeds etc, are eaten) but total carb content may be low. Obviously five fruit and vegetable portions a day won't be a problem, but a special effort needs to be made to eat enough carb. Adding some cooked grains, root veg, etc. to the diet would make it more balanced. Fiber content should be good.

With a completely raw diet based on plant foods alone, choices are limited and certain vitamins and minerals may be in short supply. The nutrients in some foods are better absorbed when cooked.

Weight Loss on Raw-Food Diets

There is no special magic in raw foods that will help you to lose weight, other than that it is hard to overeat when much of your diet is raw and high in water and fiber.


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